Monday, 5 May 2008

Petition Latest

The on-line petition has so far been signed by supporters from 37 UK towns and cities, 2 German cities, 2 Canadian cities and 2 Swedish cities and the paper 'in pub' petition by hundreds of others.
With the Welsh Beer and Cider Festival due next month at Cardiff International Arena (it's just around the corner) we expect those numbers to grow exponentially.

Now that the local council elections are over we can get down to business with local councillors John Dixon and Nigel Howells about a real local issue in Adamsdown (other than their re-election) and see what if anything they plan to do in support of this campaign.
If you want to express your views to them (Cardiff is a mainly Liberal Democrat City) you can e-mail them via the following links
Jenny Willot Member of Parliament for Cardiff Central
Jenny Randerson Welsh Assembly Minister for Cardiff Central
John Dixon Local Councillor
Nigel Howells Local Councillor and City Council Executive Member for Sport, Leisure, and Culture