Friday, 6 February 2009

Save the Vulcan t-shirts!

Behind the scenes we’re working very hard to do everything we possibly can to Save our beloved Vulcan.

We now have t-shirts!

We have very limited numbers at the moment, so if you want one, please order it now!

If you want one,
• Send a cheque for 12 made payable to “Save the Vulcan”
• Send your cheque, and the details below to: David Wilton, 2 Pembroke Terrace, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 1DE.
• Please write your name, address and email address on the back of the cheque.
• When ordering a t-shirt, you MUST include:
o Your name
o Your address
o Your telephone number
o Your email address
o The t-shirt size you require – S / M / L / XL

Or, please visit The Vulcan and buy one from behind the bar for 10. T-shirts should be ready in the pub for Wales v. England on 14th Feb 2009.

St Davids 2 and their role in The Vulcan Hotel

As readers of this blog will be aware, The Vulcan Hotel came under threat due to a Compulsory Purchase Order made by the Welsh Development Agency on behalf of the St David's 2 (Land Securities). Although the order was not activated, and Brains did not want to sell, the Vulcan has nevertheless gone into the hands of Rapport (Marcol Asset Management) a property developer. We are informed that Rapport have a contract to supply a car park for St David's 2. Hence Rapport’s excuse for wanting to knock down the Vulcan is that it’s needed for St David's 2.

We call on St David's to discuss their position with us. The Campaign team feel that the St David's 2 development does not need The Vulcan ripped down in order for their development to succeed.

The St David's 2 website use the strapline ‘Cardiff is evolving’ and their website claims '…St David's 2' brings an outstanding opportunity to make a contribution to the emergence of Cardiff as a major European destination…’

We call for St David's 2 / Land Securites to rethink their position with regard the Vulcan – they are not evolving Cardiff, they have a hand in destroying a part of what makes Cardiff. The Vulcan is a beautiful Victorian Pub that has stood since 1853. It is a thriving business, during a time of economic slowdown.

Normally we would wish St David's 2 well, but if they have a hand in destroying an important part of Cardiff, we will not hesitate to make that known to Cardiff shoppers, when St David's 2 is due to open.

David Wilton

Disclaimer: As the facts in this case have been extremely difficult to unearth, the above information has been gathered at a best endeavour from what sources we can find. If Rapport or St David's 2 wish to contact me to correct anything of the above, the Campaign team would be delighted to meet and discuss further.