Friday, 6 February 2009

St Davids 2 and their role in The Vulcan Hotel

As readers of this blog will be aware, The Vulcan Hotel came under threat due to a Compulsory Purchase Order made by the Welsh Development Agency on behalf of the St David's 2 (Land Securities). Although the order was not activated, and Brains did not want to sell, the Vulcan has nevertheless gone into the hands of Rapport (Marcol Asset Management) a property developer. We are informed that Rapport have a contract to supply a car park for St David's 2. Hence Rapport’s excuse for wanting to knock down the Vulcan is that it’s needed for St David's 2.

We call on St David's to discuss their position with us. The Campaign team feel that the St David's 2 development does not need The Vulcan ripped down in order for their development to succeed.

The St David's 2 website use the strapline ‘Cardiff is evolving’ and their website claims '…St David's 2' brings an outstanding opportunity to make a contribution to the emergence of Cardiff as a major European destination…’

We call for St David's 2 / Land Securites to rethink their position with regard the Vulcan – they are not evolving Cardiff, they have a hand in destroying a part of what makes Cardiff. The Vulcan is a beautiful Victorian Pub that has stood since 1853. It is a thriving business, during a time of economic slowdown.

Normally we would wish St David's 2 well, but if they have a hand in destroying an important part of Cardiff, we will not hesitate to make that known to Cardiff shoppers, when St David's 2 is due to open.

David Wilton

Disclaimer: As the facts in this case have been extremely difficult to unearth, the above information has been gathered at a best endeavour from what sources we can find. If Rapport or St David's 2 wish to contact me to correct anything of the above, the Campaign team would be delighted to meet and discuss further.


Dave the Brewer said...

My grandparents ran this pub in the early 1950's...please don't destroy the pub my Mum left to give birth to me in 1952!

Lindsay & Bob said...

how many more cars will be able to park by knocking down The Vulcan? Perhaps 10? It's (i.e. the parking spaces) just not worth it. Keep the pub, keep history, keep our values in perspective.

Andrew McStay said...

Hi, I stumbled on this as a Google sponsored link so you're doing something right in promoting your cause! I would suggest however that you re-organise your website/blog so as to get to the crux of the matter more quickly and concisely. There are also a few typos, e.g. "Disaclaimer". Also, have you lobbied the Atrium across the road as I would imagine they have some clout in determining what happens. Although management may be in favour of new parking facilities, students and staff may not be so keen to see the one-and-only nearby pub pulled down. You may also want to get students involved in saving the pub, particularly their media students who may be able to help make a bigger splash in the local media. Just some thoughts from a lecturer in Advertising in the middle of marking a huge pile of papers!


Save the Vulcan said...

Hi Andrew thanks for your comments, I have only recently come on board to help out with the blog so all suggestions are great.

The Atrium over the road have been heavily involved (I am an Atrium student) they have covered the issue quite a bit and the building has been used to host public meetings. Unfortunatly I dont think management have a lot of say in what will happen.

There are a few questions I woud like to ask you if thats ok? Just easier than doing it here!

Email is - Thanks again.

Save the Vulcan said...
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Mr Posh said...

Mmmm, if your facts are correct ("The Vulcan Hotel came under threat due to a Compulsory Purchase Order made by the Welsh Development Agency on behalf of the St David's 2 (Land Securities)") then I would be amazed if this decision could not be challendged in the courts as the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) is no longer a legal entity as it has been subsumed by the Welsh Assembly Government.

I'm no lawyer, but this to me would seem reasonable under the cirumstances. Perhaps a judicial review?

George Baker said...

George Baker, Grimsby.
It would be a travesty of justice if this wonderful old pub were to be demolished for a few car parking places. More power to your elbow, looking forward to a couple of pints there in July.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys dont kill the heritage and soul of this historical part of Cardiff, I live in Dubai but have had many a beer in the Vulcan. Please listen to the folks who use and need this facility, it will prosper in amongst the corporate and educational cluster emerging around it! English Neil, this time im with the taffy boys!

Rhodri said...

news just in that half the units in St Davids 2 have not been let. The credit crunch means that this will be a white elephant. We are running out of oil and natural resources and our emissions are contributing to climate change - yeah we need a new shopping complex! Lets just keep shopping and everything will be fine.
You should challenge Cardiff City council and WAG on the basis of sustainable development. They both say they are committed to it but a new car park and another temple to consumerism contradict their pious commitments. Contact all the environmental groups in Cardiff and put that to them. It may be a pub but it represents community far better than St Davids 2

James said...

Well said Rhodri. the shopping centre mania has to stop. i have never been to this pub, but i have seen what a mess parts of Cardiff are - like most other places - and enough is enough. HRH Prince of Wales is a good ally at a time like this. Drop him a line for some support (Clarence House, London SW1A 1BA), and cc Leighton Andrews at the Welsh Assembly.