Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Text the Vulcan this Friday

This Friday Cardiff based artist Glenn Davidson from Artstation will be giving people the chance to text the Vulcan!

Between 7:30-9:30 you can 'converse with the city via text message' and have your text messages and images projected directly onto the Vulcan's facade.

Have a look at the test he carried out last week and if you are interested get in touch. For more information visit the project blog.

You can text the Vulcan on - 07740173164

Save the Vulcan Audio Documentary

Here is a short audio documentary about the campaign to save the Vulcan by Glamorgan University student Nick Jones.

Glamorgan students are regular users of the pub and have covered the campaign in some detail during a recent project on Adamsdown and the surrounding area. Their website can be found here with a special page for the Vulcan here.

Wales Online Interview

Various members of the team have been interviewed by the press during the course of the campaign and I hope to archive and link to as much of it as I can on this website.

For now here is campaigner Graham Craig interviewed at the end of last year by Wales Online's Gavin O'Connor.

Future of the Left

Right, lets kick things off with this great video from Future of the Left - The Hope That House Built - filmed in the Vulcan!


Hello - my name is Chris Latham, I am a student at Glamorgan University(based over the road from the Vulcan in the Atrium)and I have kindly been allowed by the team behind the campaign to come on board and help out with this blog.

Over the next few weeks I hope to bring it up to date and collate and link to the wealth of articles and information that have been produced about the campaign. I will do my best but if there is anything you would like to see please email us at save.the.vulcan@gmail.com.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Peter Finch – the Chief Executive of Academi, Cardiff historian and writer John Williams, writer Des Barry and musician Heather Jones will be playing a benefit gig to help save The Vulcan.

On Thursday 12th March at 7.30pm, these creative forces will join together to provide a night of literary magic and musical merriment in one of Cardiff’s oldest pubs – The Vulcan Hotel. All are welcome to attend.

The Vulcan Hotel in Adamsdown, Cardiff is due to be demolished this June to make way for a multi-storey car park. Campaigners are working night and day to ensure The Vulcan thrives for future generations.

Local campaigner Joe Cable says, “I’m glad these high profile writers hold The Vulcan in such high esteem, and are giving up their time to fight for such an important cause. It’s not just the locals that care”.

Campaigner Rachel Thomas added, “I’m thrilled that these talented individuals will be sharing their work in one of Cardiff’s oldest pubs. This is history in the making”.