Friday, 12 June 2009

Guest Blogger - Jenny Randerson AM

Jenny is the Assembly Member for Cardiff Central.

As someone who has been a politician for a large part of my life, it is often easy to get set in your ways on campaigns and local issues. The Campaign to save the Vulcan has reminded me that people like me always have more things to learn. The small but exceptionally talented campaign team has shown a phenomenal energy and commitment to this great cause and I have learnt a lot from them.

Representing Cardiff Central over the last ten years has meant I have had to deal with a lot of change, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Overall, the progress and development that the city has made has been hugely beneficial, but the Vulcan’s case has really brought it home to me that there is a very fine line between development and over-development.

New shops, new homes and new businesses are very, very important, but do not have to be at the expense of character. There is no point undertaking development if it turns an area into an identikit model of the next.

The Vulcan is one of the few remaining genuine Cardiff pubs, and if it goes, we will lose a piece of history. Development can, and should take place around it, and this fight will continue. The excellent news of the new lease being signed between the developer and the brewery means that the Vulcan is probably safe for several years, but we need to make sure it is safe for decades to come.

I have been delighted to provide political support to the campaign, along with other politicians from nearly all the political parties, but if and when the Vulcan is saved for the next generation, it will be down solely to the amazing work of a few determined people, and they have my sincere thanks.

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