Sunday, 9 May 2010


The Save the Vulcan campaign has called off the demonstration planned for 15 May 2010

Brains have announced that they’re “absolutely confident that the pub will remain open when Liz Smart, who has done a fantastic job, moves on”.

Save the Vulcan campaigners had planned the demonstration amid fears the Victorian watering hole would close following the departure of landlady Liz Smart at the end of May 2010.

Save the Vulcan campaigner Rachel Thomas said, “I’m delighted Brains have given us firm reassurance that the Vulcan will remain open. We’re looking forward to working with Brains in the coming months to secure the long term future of the Vulcan”.

Save the Vulcan campaigner Willy Downie added, “I’m glad Brains have come out with this statement. It’s a big relief! We’re all going to miss Liz, she’s been a legendary landlady!”

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