Saturday, 4 April 2009

Pub of the Month!

The Vulcan has the honour of being voted the Pub of the Month for the second month running by the Real Ale Tasting Society - R.A.T.S.

They also have a brilliant page dedicated to the Vulcan on their website with an extensive collection of contact details of people to write to, as well as an excellent, ready to send email - just add your name and it's good to go.

There are also some nice photos of the demonstration at the Senedd back in February on their homepage.

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Dave : The Sec-RAT-ary said...


Thank you for the links placed here to our R.A.T.S. website. The pages were created out of appreciation for a really great community 'boozer' of which we all feel should NOT be demolished.

With regards to the contents of the 'Save the Vulcan' page we have uploaded, it was formed out of several e-mails and other info I have received here sent in by various people and R.A.T.S. Supporters ... my thanks to them also.

For those that haven't heard, I have been informed by Cardiff Camra Branch that the 'Vulcan' is their 'Pub of the Year' (POTY) for 2008/09.


Cheers 'n regards ...

Dave : The Sec-RAT-ary,
Real Ale Tasting Society ® - R.A.T.S.
Llantrisant Old Town,
Mid Glamorgan,