Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Template email and who to send it to...


A new three year lease has been agreed for the Vulcan, so no need to write in for the time being.


Here is the template letter taken from the R.A.T.S website:

Dear Sir,

The Vulcan, one of Cardiff's oldest and most well-loved pubs, is under threat of demolition because of the original St Davids 2 Masterplan and the commitment to provide 500 parking spaces on the Adam Street site.

I understand that St Davids 2 representatives attended a meeting last week with developer Derek Rapport, the local AM and MP, the Heritage Minister and others.

I also understand that a potential line of action is for the local developer and now owner of The Vulcan Derek Rapport, to propose a reduced number of parking spaces (the existing 450) on the Adam Street site.

In order for this to be successful and save The Vulcan, St Davids 2 and the John Lewis Partnership must agree to it. I am therefore writing to urge you to agree with the proposals for fewer parking spaces on the Adam Street site.

This will let The Vulcan survive and flourish where it has been for 156 years - at the heart of Cardiff.

St Davids 2 cannot and must not sacrifice over 150 years of local history for a mere 50 parking spaces.

5000 people signed our petition to save The Vulcan, around 150 people attended a public meeting on the issue in February, and we have the support of one third of all Assembly Members, plus the leader and deputy leader of Cardiff Council.

Please tell me that you will accept 50 fewer parking spaces on the Adam Street site and thereby save The Vulcan for future generations to enjoy.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

And here is who to send it to: (St Davids 2, was at the meeting of bigwigs) (St Davids 2, MD of Retail) (St Davids 2 Project Director) (St Davids 2 Project Manager) (St Davids 2 Deputy Project Director)

You can also write to the Heritage Minister Alun Ffred Jones, urging him to list the building - (he has powers independent of CADW to list things).

His contact details are:


And a couple of media contacts:

The Western Mail (

The South Wales Echo (

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