Saturday, 30 May 2009

Closing time for the Vulcan

From the WalesOnline website and the front page of today's Echo:

THE historic Vulcan pub has been ordered to shut its doors by June 25.

Campaigners had hoped site owner Derek Rapport would extend the brewery’s lease on the 19th-century pub and keep it open.

But Brian Smart, who runs the Adamsdown alehouse with his wife Elizabeth, warned it would soon be last orders at the bar.

Yesterday the 71-year-old said: “Unless something happens then the last beers will be served.

“We have been expecting it for a year or more, that was the date from the start, but we thought there might be, say, another six months or another couple of months on top, but that never happened. I phoned up the brewery today and they said the 25th.”

After that the building’s future is in the hands of Mr Rapport.

Full story here.

Needless to say this is very depressing news. I can't pretend to be a regular at the Vulcan, I don't even drink there that often (although I always have a great time when I do). It is just sad to think that another piece of Cardiff's rich history is being sacrificed for more parking spaces/shops/chain restaurants or what ever the developers wisely decide to build in its place.

Stay tuned for more news on June 13th's day of action.



Dave said...

I've posted this at Welsh Bloggers if that's ok.

James D said...

The six-month figure is significant. Cardiff City Council have the power to serve a Building Preservation Notice (Hysbysiad Cadw Adeilad) on the owner or to "urgently" affix one to the front of the building, which would have the effect of temporarily listing it for six months.

Of course, that course of action would have its own problems (not least that it's non-renewable and only buys time for other courses of action), but it's within the Lib Dems' power, should they decide finally to be a party of action, not just words.