Friday, 1 May 2009

Something for the Weekend

Welsh Bloggers who voted us their Welsh Blog of the week this week officially launches a new blog today. They have proposed holding the first 'Welsh Bloggers in the Pub' event, a meeting of bloggers from all over Wales, at the Vulcan which is great news - more on this nearer the time.

Bar Trek Prize

The prize for the best costume at next weeks Bar Trek (Friday My 8th)has been revealed - a life size get up of Mr Spock. Drink long and prosper!


We are slowly but surely building a following on Twitter (84 followers at last count). If you want to follow us you can do so here.

Orion IV

As part of my attempt to bring the best Facebook photos on to the blog here are some taken by Dom Stocqueler of last months Orion IV gig at the Vulcan (more of Dom's great photos of the Vulcan can be found here). The music is a short sample from their new album, String Quartets by Haydn and Dvorak, available from their website.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Hi thanks for the mention. If someone could get back to me about the date I'll be happy to host 'Welsh Bloggers In The Pub' at the Vulcan.