Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Vulcan retreat urged

From the WalesOnline website:

THE architect behind the £106m Wales Millennium Centre says The Vulcan pub could easily be saved.

Jonathan Adams has insisted there is no reason for the Victorian bar to be knocked down next month so more flats can be built in the capital.

Mr Adams, who works at Capita Percy Thomas, in Cardiff’s Newport Road, said: “There are plenty of examples of buildings that were deemed worthy of being protected being incorporated into the plans of new developments.

“Howells, the department store, is built on top of an old church. If you go in the shoe department on the ground floor you’ll find you are in the middle of an old chapel.”

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Anonymous said...

Chief Executive Officer
City of Cardiff

Dear Sir,
I humbly ask, from the other side of the planet.

Community has such modest beginnings. It might be just a smile one day
and a conversation the next.
Sometimes it is easier to accept a conversation in the safety of surrounds where
one feels at home.
Sometimes the place where one lives, - has not felt like home in many a long day,
and come the evening - the warmth and camaraderie of a place like the Vulcan
is what keeps ones heart alive.

Cardiff was my fathers favorite town, because of the friends he met there in his young days, are now with his memory.
I feel that they still meet up there from time, but if it goes permanently - they will have to meet at
the old hall theatre in Church Street in Monmouth.

We in Perth Western Australia know how little old buildings can be stored for a season or
two until some grand construction creates a new foundation.

Forrest House, - the core of the Forrest House Hotel, in Perth was demolished one brick at a time
and reconstructed on location once the Forrest Centre was created.
Some thought it to be a rather Pretty, Villa, - of one of the states founding fathers.
Its not simply the appearance, but the essences of the core of the buildings and the
memories evoked by That Particular design at that location - that recalls the events of the

Pearl Villa, the core of a rare compostite building in Perth was built, and 50 years later,when he was aged
80 the builder wrote that Pearl Villa had been demolished,
He died a few years later.
Pearl Villa had been cleverly integrated into a modest larger building, and continues to this day.
It may be regarded as having little historical significance, but be assured, that I shall so my utomost
to ensure that the current owners will be generously rewarded for the preservation of this,
what was an ordinary dwelling....of the dwellings of many ordinary folk, whose lives were enriched by
a few extraordinary folk - They were loved, one and all.

It is aways rewarding to find a place where you store your private memories,
The triggers that remind you that you are young again (once more)

Without faith one cannot know why churches are built, and why they are kept.. nor, appreciate the importance of heritage buildings.

Using them to educate the masses about the lives that were had is one thing.
educating the masses so they realize that folk before them had achievements
and obligations of structure with City Hall to approve them.

Other places present a smorgasbord of ever changing regulations on the run..

Some times they are just called Retrospective Heritage Amendments..

It might cost - the reduction of RATES for five years, it might mean some other
But where the touched surfaces of original structure are retained
or reused in a familiar design - it evokes the memories stored not unlike all those
your carry in your computer memory stick

Cardiff was my fathers favorite city. He passed away in 1964,
but I feel that he returns there often - to where he seems to have had
substantial memory of the happiest times of his youth..
He had good friends from Cardiff.
As his children, we were never told these things, we have only become
aware of it as we are now old and more sensitive to such things..

If at the very least no other benefit is gained, I like to think that an audio visual imaging
of each of the rooms, so that we can wander through at our leisure, on U TUBE or some
Heritage media site.. - Possibly "Heritage Cardiff"

Thanking you

Most Sincerely

Tony Ransom
C.E.J Morris
Royal Marine Electrical Engineers
Tom Cumbley Morris South West Borderers

80 Bennett St
East Perth
Western Australia

Save the Vulcan said...

"I like to think that an audio visual imaging
of each of the rooms, so that we can wander through at our leisure, on U TUBE"

Thats a great idea and maybe somthing we can sort out soon.